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Artus products are used in several applications like :

  • Flight Controls : Artus has developed integrated Motors and Position Pick-up Units (PPU) for Electro-Hydraulic Actuators (EHA), Electro-Mechanical Actuators (EMA), … Artus supplies the main rotor blade folding system on the NH90, as well as linear actuators for slat / flap actuation systems.
  • Environmental Control Systems and Cabin Pressurisation : Artus supplies motors and gearmotors for Fluid Control Valves, Anti-Ice Valves, air drying systems; Artus manufactures high speed motors for turbo-machines.
  • Fuel and Fluid systems : Artus speciality is to design specific wet motors for fuel or hydraulic pumps immerged in the fluids and also for Chiller and cooler pumps immerged in refrigerant.
  • Engines control : Artus provides customised PPU to all majors engines manufacturer : GE, Snecma, Turbomeca, P&W.
  • Power Generation and Conversion : Artus manufactures PMG and wound generators, like emergency generators (A320, NH90). Over the years, Artus became a world leader in the DC 28V airborne systems based on TRU : NH90, Tiger, V22 and recently elected as prime contractor on A380.
  • Missiles : Artus has manufactured many motion systems used on several missiles programs : Exocet, MICA, IRIS-T, Aster, Apache, RBS70/90. Artus supplies motors & controls for seeker head, armament plateform and fin actuation.
  • Electric servo-systems : Serving the market as a Solution Provider, Artus’ capabilities have been recognised by re-known companies for design, and manufacturing of a wide range of systems : in-flight refueling Servo-drive, air compressor mortorisation, AC starter unit for turbo-engines, azimuth and elevation motion for target acquisition radar and missile launcher.

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