• 1948
    ARTUS was founded by Artur Schiffermuller for the manufacture of small special high performance, high reliability, electrical motors. The head office was in Paris with the workshops in the suburbs employing ten people.

  • 1950
    ARTUS became a limited company.

  • 1961
    The company acquired land in Avrillé (West of France) in order to expand, and built workshops for the manufacture of motor elements - they were considered as a subsidiary and the company called Sutra. The other subsidiary of ARTUS, Rusta, continued to have a Mechanics Department in the suburbs of Paris.

  • 1970
    ARTUS became a subsidiary of the American Group, Kollmorgen Corporation, whose principal sectors covered motors and drives, and electro-optics and instrumentation.

  • 1971
    Following this take-over, ARTUS decided to move all their activities to Avrillé.

  • 1978
    acquisition of Cryla in Besancon (France).

  • 1980
    An important Research & Development department was created in the company in order to respond to the demand of complex aeronautic equipment.

  • 1988
    ARTUS acquired the electro-mechanical components division of Thomson, thus adding aeronautical and industrial sensors and resolvers to their product range.

  • 1993
    The company name changed to become Kollmorgen ARTUS.

  • 1997
    ARTUS Vietnam was created, originally for the sole purpose of manufacturing parts for ARTUS Avrillé, but which today is gradually expanding to work for other companies within the Danaher Group.

  • 2000
    ARTUS became part of the Danaher Group when Kollmorgen was taken over by the latter, and subsequently part of the Pacific Scientific Aerospace and Defence Group.

  • 2001
    ARTUS changed from a limited company to that of a company limited by shares.

  • 2002
    ARTUS product enlarged by the acquisition of the SNECMA PROPULSION SOLIDE LVDT sensors activity (LVDT = Linear Variable Differential Transformer).

  • 2003
    reinforcment of ARTUS' leader position in electrical power conversion by the acquisition of Aéronautique Systèmes BIP company.

  • 2005
    Acquisition of TFE (Power Conversion, Electrical Motor Drives and Harmonic Filters).

  • 2006
    TFE is merged with Aéronautique Systèmes BIP and is now TFE electronics.

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