"From component to system", Artus policy is to serve the Aerospace Industry with customised but competitive solutions.
For over half a century, Artus has been developing and manufacturing technologies deployed in five main product lines:

  • Position sensors : single / multispeed resolvers, synchros, RVDT and LVDT.The sensors can be delivered frameless, or in any stage of completion, integrated in a gear mechanism, duplex, triplex, free wires outlet and/or with specific connectors.
  • Electric motors : Artus designs customised solutions for AC 400 Hz and DC brushless or brushed, as well as LAT. The motors can be delivered frameless.
  • Actuators : rotary and linear or combined actuators, from a simple geared motor to any more complex application. Artus is also specialised in crew and passenger seat actuation systems.
  • Electric Power Generation and Conversion : Generators (AC and DC brushless), static inverters and converters, are part of Artus offer in that product line, especially in the technology of Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU) where Artus is considered as one of the world leader. Standard TRU as well as regulated TRU are available.
  • Servo-systems : In mastering the above mentioned products, together with a large experience in controls and power electronics, Artus designs and manufactures complex and integrated motion systems.

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